The Bane of the Internet: Lack of Critical Thinking

After going over the reading again on bad historical websites, one realizes how quickly one can introduce poor analysis to the public and how easy it is for average web surfers to consider these sites legitimate. Going with my post title, I believe it primarily revolves around the lack of critical thinking on the Internet. I think poorly executed sites are fitting on the web because they represent how the lack of historical analysis causes many to come up with weak narratives regarding history.

I looked for historical sites, but I was having trouble finding a whole site. However, one example I discovered that is fitting to this discussion is a site discussing the religious connection within Nazi Germany. You can check out the link here. It is an article called; After skimming the site for a few minutes, I could quickly tell it is a problematic site due to the first header being called “free thinker.” However, jumping into the article, it is clear that the analysis is poorly conceived and problematic. The site, admittingly outdated, attempts to use a collection of pictures to conclude that Hitler’s Nazi regime held Christian beliefs and was closely tied to the Catholic church. The biggest flaw is the lack of context with each photo as well as the lack of sources to supplement the claims.

Bouncing back to the “free thinker” header, the concept tends to correlate well with conspiracy theories and pseudohistory. Historians love our conspiracies and uncovering truths; however, the web tends to be a location that perpetuates poorly conceived conclusions that rely on a lack of evidence or poorly analyzed sources.

Also, here is a bonus link. Its a Reddit forum, I know it’s Reddit, discussing bad history.

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