Henry and his 6 Wives

The final project was quiet the challenge, where we had to take written history and transfer it to digital data. I faced some difficulties, where-as working with the sites were a challenge, and it was something new, not mentioning the amount of times the plug-ins and websites crashed and turned on me. After the plug-ins crashed with the help of my professor he found Palladio a website that was designed by Stanford to create family trees and timelines. Only that didn’t help me either. At first it all went great, making my spread sheet and transferring it to the website, everything went smoothly until I added the texts and it started merging with the texts written for other people and didn’t let me control it, and when I clicked on the character I wanted it took me somewhere to create a new Palladio information for them, and all the information’s I had already created for and transferred could not be seen unless I chose to show them and they were very few options. The whole point of this project was to give an easy access to Henry VIII Tudor and his long history with his wives where anyone even high school students could read the blog and have a general idea about them. From their birth dates, place of birth, leading to their death, where this information would be somehow visible as you can see when you open a wikipidia page but their connection to each other would be much easier(be seen as a family tree), and the history written about them would be brief but very important life history events, who they were, how they met Henry, what happened during their marriage and what lead them to their faiths. Unfortunately it this wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, because it was a form of creating a website through what was offered to me in oppose of creating a website with codes which is still impossible for someone who has not taken its class, and each of those code writings is a semester long lesson.

When getting into the life of Henry VIII of how he came to take the crown and every event that happened during his reign, from his six marriages to the act of reformation which is a very important history in England and the cause and purposes behind his act and creating his own church, there are many materials that has to be covered.

Sometimes only key points of information is needed, whether its for a school project or just curiosity about that person in history. Henry VIII is one of those people in history that during his 56 years of life, very important events took place. If someone is looking for informations about him they have to read dozens of books and articles until they can find what they are looking for. My purpose of this project was to gather around all the key information about him and his wives and his successor, write them in a language that would be easily understood by anyone, in a modern language story telling kind of writing, because I had to read books that some, where written in the 16th century or the 1800’s. This timeline website could have helped many people.

When the Tudors series was made back in 2007, it was a huge hit and made many people curious about Henry, and people started to take sides between Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour and various debates of who Henry really loved. I myself came across the series back in 2011 which made me want to read about them. After reading various books and comparing it to the series, you’ll see that there are many mistakes. I have a point why I’m bringing up the series. Many people would rely on the series and tell the history based on what they see in the movie, but when you read historical documents you’ll see the mistakes, one major and obvious mistakes were about Henry’s sister Margaret. She was the Queen Dowager of Scot, but in the movie she was sent to Portugal to marry the Portuguese king where she choked him to death by a pillow after 3 days since he was very old and she was opposed to the marriage, and she came back and married Henry’s best friend Charles Branson. But here is the twisted history, it was Mary, Henry’s younger sister, who was the Queen Dowager of France, who Anne Boleyn waited upon before being sent to the British court, and it was Mary who was in love with Henry’s best friend and after the King of France, Louis XII dies she marries Charles Branson and comes back to England. Now this is why I chose to do this blog, even though it’s a brief history just covering Henry and his wives, but it’s more close to reality, based on my research, than what is being portrait by Hollywood writers. The work-cites are available for anyone to look at if they are looking for more information and smaller details, and unlike Wikipedia people cannot edit it unless they have access to the blog which makes my research more accurate and not having to worry that it would change.

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