Women in Tech

I’ll start this post with a little anecdote about my childhood. When I was growing up, I played a lot of video games. Throughout the course of my life I have had every PlayStation console Sony has ever made. Yes, I even had a PS3, although everyone had XBOX 360’s. My sister on the other hand, could really have cared less about video games. She was always way more interested in dancing, which has served her well as she has gone onto dance for Disneyland and Knott’s Berry, and perform shows as Sweet Charity, Cabaret, and many more. I do not know if we had a more acceptable culture for women in tech that my sister would have owned a console, started coding, or even become a DHer. She genuinely loves what she does. Where this becomes more relevant to the reading is when my dad bought a Nintendo Wii and the main proponent of said purchase was my sister. Furthermore, to this day the only time my sister and I have played video game together is on the Nintendo Wii and Sims. Fortunately for us we grew up in a progressive and secular household where my parents had no problem buying a video game for my sister. I think that is the point a huge part of the misogyny about women in tech is the structure of our culture that allows it to happen. The tech culture is an important one and it is advancing society at an incredible pace. But it is also true that the health of society is determined by the health of women. Also, this where I think that DH is of utmost importance it can serve as a bridge between the Humanities world and engineering world. DH can provide empathy where it is sparse. I have heard male engineering majors say things like “women just aren’t that interested in engineering” well of course that is the case the culture is structured in a manner that deters there interest. So if you ever see anything like do your best to inform them as to why there wrong in a civil manner of course.

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