Big Data

The term “Big Data” is a simple one if you did the reading it is about the volume of data that we create. There a few issues with big data that need to be addressed. First, from a business standpoint knowing what to absorb and not to absorb. What I mean by that is businesses are trying to find what we are interested in, but there is so much data out there that not all of it is used. So, deciding what is important to consumers and what is not can be tricky. Second, the issue of civil rights, through data we can see what races of people are generally searching for. This is problematic because this could be used as a way to not give out loans to certain race. In other words it could potentially lead to a digital redlining as shown in the map on the O’Reilly link titlesĀ Big data is our generations civil rights, and we don’t know it. We are shown a map of London and the last names of people and where they live. I believe it is obvious as to why this is a problem. lastly, the final problem is a humanist problem, and to me comes up when discussing the Three V’s. They are of course Volume, Variety, and Velocity, and the problem with them is that in order to have a system the encompasses all three is incredibly expensive. So, most of our system’s only have two of these. I think it is safe to say that the majority would take big and fast. After all we live in a culture where almost everything is served in a instant. Food, entertainment, transportation are just a few thing our culture does fast. However, variety is something that should be a key component to any system. If we are to be an open-minded culture should we not strive for varied forms of data. The answer is we should that is how our culture grows.

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