Linkedin and Online Resume

Social media has always been a big part of my life. I already have a facebook, mainly used to stay in touch with family and close friends in which I share my “fake” personal life. I have found that I use facebook as a front to show my family and friends what I am doing in general areas in my life such as school or updating on various feelings like, “oh I had a good day today here is a picture of me and some of my friends at Denny’s”. I also have a twitter, which like facebook I use to show my thoughts and feelings and where I kind of let loose talking about political subjects and it’s my way of creeping on some of my celebrities without anyone really knowing. I also have a tumblr which I don’t use much bust used to just scroll endlessly on it for hours. Now, I have a linked-in page which I just recently made. I feel as though linked-in is different from the social media websites as it allows for a more formal presence “one the line”. I liked linked-in in the fact that I can connect with my interest in my professional life and start establishing myself as a collegiate learner and someone who wants to amount to something later after I am finished with school. Linkedin has given me the opportunity to put myself out on the internet in a more professional way to allow for jobs and different fields of my learning to view me not only as a college student who likes to go out and drink tequila occasional on the weekends, but as someone who has interest and passions in the real world. A person who wants to contribute to society and make something of themselves.

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