Historical Gaming

I am a gamer. Being a gamer, along with also being a historian-in-training, I have learned to analyze games and look at the intricate backgrounds that are often present within the game. From historical games, I have learned that you have to be able to read them / play them with a grain of salt as often the narrative that is being told is manipulated to a point in which the game becomes less historical and more fantasy or fiction based. In our class discussion we discussed one such example, the Assassins Creed series, which often has hundreds of hours of historical information and data fused into the actual story line in the game, but some of it, some of the events are manipulated and morphed into a way that allows players and consumers to not get bored of the overwhelming amount of historical content that is often put into the game via side stories or backgrounds. Even though most of this background information is often overlooked, often or not you will find a certain group of people, such as myself, who enjoy going through and sitting for hours reading all the background information or accomplishing as Prof Sean states in the class discussion as, “several hours of mind-numbing side-stories which distract you from the main story line of the game.” Overall, the main lesson any historian or gamer should take away when playing a historical based game such as Assassins Creed, Dynasty Warriors, or anything of the like, ┬áis that you should not believes everything that is presented. This thought process can be compared to that of news on the internet as we also just recently discussed this subject in class on a off-handed tangent. One should be able to look through various sources and information provided on the internet and be able to determine whether or not the news is actually real or if its made up or convoluted in a way that turns the narrative trying to be told into a falsehood.


In conclusion: read carefully! Be aware of what your reading and what information your absorbing and always fact check.

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