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I decided to build my online profile on LinkedIn, a very popular career building/social media site these days. Now that I have created professional LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and decluttered my Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr (but really, who checks Tumblr anymore), I feel as if I have begun the path to redeeming my online social media presence. I no longer see social media as a waste of time, rather instead, I see the benefits to crafty maneuvering on social media sites. For example, aside from connecting with friends and associates, you can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote all kinds of things, events or places – whether academic, for work, or for leisure. There seems to be a record amount of online users now that actually make a living promoting products online and have cultivated their ‘real identity’ off of their social media presence. Although I’m not looking to capitalize off of social media in that manner, I do appreciate the fact that a professional and thorough LinkedIn account can actually provide me with some interesting opportunities or possibly connect me to people that I would like to work or collaborate with. Therefore I will continue to maintain a professional online presence in order to keep the door open for potential work/academic opportunities, while also staying in touch with my friends through a simple and clean social media presence (with an occasional party/bar photo, but just for kicks).

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