I’ve chosen the reformation in England in the 16th century. I would start with a brief explanation of Henry the VIII marriage to Kathrine of Aragon, birth of a son who passed away as an infant, birth of Marry, his relationship with Spain and France. How he met Anne Bolyne and who made arrangement for them too meet. What caused the reformation and the supporters and oposers, and the cardinals who were executed during this event. This project is about how Henry seprated England from the church and power of Pope, and created his own church, calling himself the head of it, change Englands religion from Catholic to Angelican and the distruction of catholic churches all over england. In the end there will a very brief history of Henry and his wives before he died, basically covering the names and dates and their faith. Finishing with henry’s succesor and how long the angelican religion stayed in england before going back to catholic. I will be presenting this project in a form of time line, pictures, historic documents if available.

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