Project Proposal – La Pucelle d’Orléans: The Journey of Joan of Arc

Mission statement (describe project and justify its historical relevance and its importance to the historiography of your subject):

Joan of Arc is one of the most fascinating, controversial, and mysterious figures of modern historical times. The famed heroine of the Hundred Years War was only 13 years old when she claimed to have religious visions, 16 when she valiantly led French forces to drive out the English, and 19 when she faced extreme persecution and death by the Catholic Church. This digital project aims to present a virtual biography of Joan and give viewers a visual rendering of Joan’s world and the events that influenced the Hundred Years War and subsequent history of France.

In terms of the historiography of Joan of Arc, this project aims to provide an objective virtual rendering of the journey taken by Joan and her experiences along the way. However, a diverse and credible bibliography will be included to present an extensive survey of Joan’s life, along with bits of various scholar’s arguments as to the importance and significance of the events covered. In doing so viewers will see how conflicted Joan’s legacy has become over time and how in despite many criticisms and claims against her, the Maid of Orleans remains one of the most venerated and honored figures in the history of France.

Outline the digital tools your group plans on using:

I plan on using Google Maps (MyMaps) and perhaps other interactive mapping programs (TimeMapper) to virtually display the journey of Joan of Arc and the many stops and significant events throughout her crusade. Images have been stored into a Flickr account with captions written out and geotag information included in order to easily incorporate them into the virtual map. The mapping part of the project is essentially ready to go, as I have laid out the base locations, travel routes, and recorded historical events needed to begin plugging in more points as I progress.

WordPress will serve as the base page where the content and research will be hosted. There are already archives for information about Joan of Arc available so the primary goal of this site will be to combine credible research and data visualization to create a fun and interactive web page where viewers can more intimately learn about the amazing life Joan of Arc without ever having to open a book.

Schedule of milestones or due dates for each of the steps in your process:

Mapping of the most significant locations and events – and most universally agreed upon – has already begun; might even be able to finish by November (photos, captions, geotag). WordPress design and content will begin upon completion of the virtual map and gathering of necessary research for information tabs (bio/bib/etc).

Basic division of labor:

Walter Cervantes will handle design. And content. And research. And making sure the group gets an A. Thanks, Walter.

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