1st proposal

So I haven’t fully decided on the project that I wanted to pursue, but for my History 301 course I am doing my research paper on the forced migration of the Cherokee removal from their homeland of Georgia to Oklahoma. So I had a thought of using digital archiving and possible mapping for my project. I haven’t really decided what topic I plan on doing but it would probably have to do with the research that I am doing for my History 301 course as well. However I feel like a topic like that would be broad so I would need to narrow down, possibly focusing on the political aspect of it. Such as digitally archiving the acts and treaties used during the removal of the Cherokee and the other 4 major Southern tribes. The research question I would propose is Why were the Southern Native American tribes removed from their lands, and how did the Government legally establish this removal and where were the tribes placed? This is just an ideal I have not really made it my final topic. The audience that it would most likely interest would be those that are interested in the history of Native Americans, or the United States, or for those that are in the class and forced to sit through my presentation of it. The idea is of this project is to present another perspective of the American History. Not the glorified “United States is the best” history that is presented all through our school years. The idea of the topic is to see the vast changes, consequences and challenges that American Indians had to endure because of progression in the United States. The hardest part of the project would be coming across good documented primary source, as well as being able to implement the sources I do find into viable information regarding my project. There are great sources found through the CSULB library and the data sources that are available through the library website. I have not made a final decision regarding the tool I would use, however I am leaning towards the use of Omeka, and the idea of the digital archiving. This tool was chosen because you are able to make a collection of primary sources and to create an exhibit of the collection. I do believe that this tool would host the project. This is just an idea as of right now that I have not fully committed to, I am already doing research for my history 301 and these two projects could coincide with each other.

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