Proposal- Lucas, Ryan, and Totianna

The methodology that we intend to use is that of GIS, excel charts, and the digital archive. The objective of this research is to study the transforming landscape of Long Beach and possibly other downtown’s experiencing urban renewal. Through this project, we hope to determine how discourses have shaped both the physical image of Long Beach as well as the imagined idea of the Downtown core within the hegemonic discourse of the 21st century. Although we have not yet agreed on any one specific question. There are several questions driving our research.  How has Downtown Long Beach and its adjacent communities transformed since Post World War II? How have dominant discourses of race and the urban core shaped the spatialization and shifting cultural boundaries of Downtown Long Beach from its construction of the Rainbow Pier to its revitalization of Pine Street and the Pike? How do older, long term residents experience the reconstruction of Long Beach and how do newcomers (yuppies/hipsters) experience it? What impact does gentrification/urban renewal have on middle class and working class residents and how does the internationalization of race, gender, class, and ethnicity affect the socioeconomic landscape of Long Beach?

Our intended audience is the Downtown, and overall Long Beach residential community. New buyers and renters in the area, are a direct reflection of the growing urbanization within Downtown districts of the United States. The impact of gentrification with the increase of urbanization, will examine what of those displaced, demonstrating how housing and the middle class go hand in hand. The difficulties this project faces are gathering interviews with current Downtown Long Beach residents and those displaced by gentrification, to be used as primary sources. For secondary sources we will be using books, and the internet for online scholarly articles. This is a modern issue facing the twenty first century, so there is plenty of information to chose from. We are using maps, jpeg, spreadsheets, and HOLC mups because they will provide the user with the best visual explanation of our research. When you are researching information on housing, the audience wants to see, and so we will continue on with that platform.  Lastly, our tools will cover most of the data, but we will still need to enter our own information into spreadsheets to be uploaded. Then we will let the computer work for us.


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