Project Proposal -Hip Hop

The subject I will be using for my project is the emergence of hip-hop in the 20th century and the influence it had on the female gender considering at the same time the second wave of feminism was occurring. The project will be primarily using the major framework for historical analysis cause and consequence. The methodology used for this project will be visualizations and digital archive; documentaries, photos, lyrics, and actual music. The audience that will primarily be focused on for this project will be anyone interested in the groundbreaking exploration of Hip Hop and it’s cultural movement from Dj(ing), MC(ing), break dancing, and graffiti (bombing). From this project someone will be exposed to an appreciation of how, when, and where Hip Hop was originated and how even though a culture fighting to be recognized also had a limited strong female presence and recognition in the beginning. In addition to finding data on specifically “first women in hip-hop” it will be even more difficult to get scholarly peer-reviewed journals on the subject.

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