Project Proposal #1

The methodology I will be using digital archive and visualization. The project will be about the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and the semi-final game in water polo between, the Russians and the Hungarians. The game was dubbed the blood in the water match; primarily for the violence that ensued. The cause of this violence was because of the 1956 Hungarian revolution that occurred just a month before. The Soviet Union had seized control of Hungary and the Hungarian people revolted albeit unsuccessfully. So, I will produce a web page that has an essay about the event. Then I plan on posting photos from both events.

My research question is, how did the “blood in the water match” from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, impact the Hungarian people, socially and politically? The audience of my project is anyone that has played the sport of water polo, or anyone interested in Cold War history. Also, someone with interest in Hungarian and Olympic history. What a person will learn from my project is the Hungarian people are very resilient, and that Olympic water polo players are bad asses.  The hardest thing about my project will be dealing with the technology. I am by no means a computer wiz. Although not totally inept, I will certainly need assistance.

I will have primary and secondary sources. Such as newspapers, photos, video, and a documentary. I also have scholarly articles about the event that will help with essay.

Sample bibliography


Freedom’s Fury. Directed by Colin K. Gray and Megan Raney. Narrated by Mark Spitz. United States: CINERGI Pictures Entertainment, April 5, 2008. DVD.

“HUNGARIANS BEAT RUSSIAN TEAM, 4-0” New York Times (1923-current file) , Dec 06, 1956. 62.                    

Rinehart, Robert E. “fists Flew and Blood Flowed: Symbolic Resistance and Internation Response in Hungarian Water Polo at the Melbourne Olympics, 1956.”  Journal of Sport History 23, no.2: 120-139. 1996.

I am going to use the google fusion tool and Omeka. I like that the google fusion tool makes it easier to archive. I have some photos to archive and that will really help. I like Omeka because it will help with collection and I like the design themes. I don’t believe I will have to make a separate web page I think I have everything I need.

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