Week 4 – Data Visualiztions

Data Visualizations I feel as though are one of the most important ways of showing information that has been gathered over time. Data visualizations can come in many forms ranging from graphs, maps, to timelines in which we can examine large periods of time in history or several events within a small time span. Within the readings they discuss how data can often be boring and if you don’t know what you’re looking for then you can often get lost when trying to find information that specifically pertains to what you need or your topic. However, if you do know what you;re looking for data can be one of the most useful assets that you have at your disposal. In one such example in the readings they discuss unemployment and the difference between a loss of 5 percentage points of jobs and that of several hundred thousand people jobless. The former reads as a number that we don’t really get a lot of contextual information out of, whereas the latter hints at having a more significant impact and making the reader of this information more empathetic.

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