week 2-digital history & omeka

Reviewing the topic of digital history is one that is completely new to me personally. I have never really thought about the idea of digitizing the sources found through out history, when I think about researching using a primary source I usually think it . The study history especially the archives of primary sources are very closed off because these sources are very valuable when using them for research. However the use of digitization has many benefits for those that cannot access the archives that hold the sources that are needed. Digitization makes these closed off archives more accessible to a wider audience and are overall more beneficial for libraries, or museums, the digitization of documents is a useful tool to have especially in the technological age we live in. The readings pointed out though that the maintenance of keeping sites up to date and the software could be costly. Another negative effect that digitizing has according to the readings is the loss of all the information, and sense of uniqueness. The digitizing of sources could possibly cause a loss of value to the source. However putting archive sources in a digital method has more positive attributes and has more benefits overall.

The Omeka website was a bit confusing to use and even more confusing after reading the article about it. It was not until we were in class and I was able to see how it was being used, and had a classmate explain how to use it. However a website like that is a really cool idea to put a bunch of similar projects together. Walter and I choose to do the collection of Surf culture music in Omeka. This type of collection could be useful for any type of project when it comes to archiving similar items, so that an individual can go to one site and see a mass collection of one genre or event. For my 301 course my research project is on forced migration of American Indians more specifically the Cherokees. I’m entertaining the thought using Omeka to archive the different primary sources that caused the removal of the Indians such as treaties and acts that were passed.

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