Blog Post #3 – Omeka Round 2

Omeka looks very handy when it comes to wanting to create an exhibit, especially handy for Digital Humanities, as it allows the user to create an almost instantaneous archive of whatever they desire. For example both readings on Omeka demonstrate on how easy and simple it is to simply upload something to the Omeka archive and then begin filling out all the proper information that would go with your uploaded link, picture, or video. I like that Omeka is so organized and precise with the information allowing the user to give any and all information about what they have uploaded. This meaning that when it comes down to the picture uploaded anyone looking at it can see who the publisher/ creator is, when the picture was taken, and then you can categorize it by what time period it came from and what genre it could be apart of by using hashtags to further narrow down the information you can provide. At the very end their is a section about citation which is very neat as it allows you to fully cite your work in case of copyright or someone being offended that you are using another person’s work.

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