October 9, 2016

Ever since I was younger, my teachers have constantly told us to never use Wikipedia as a source. I never headed their advice and Wikipedia was always the first place […]

When it comes to processing information, I am more inclined to focus more on a visual interpretation of data opposed to long-winded textual presentations of the same information. Being visualizations […]

The intention of Wikipedia is overall a good one, and for it being a free source it is a good place to start. I think we can all agree that […]

Reviewing the topic of digital history is one that is completely new to me personally. I have never really thought about the idea of digitizing┬áthe sources found through out history, […]

Omeka looks very handy when it comes to wanting to create an exhibit, especially handy for Digital Humanities, as it allows the user to create an almost instantaneous archive of […]

Data Visualizations I feel as though are one of the most important ways of showing information that has been gathered over time. Data visualizations can come in many forms ranging […]