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The history and discussions tab-also known as the talk tab allow the reader see who edited or wrote that part of the page. The subject I looked at was World War II. The crowdsourcing of this subject always carries some worry with it. However, Wikipedia is pretty good at changing it back if it is wrong. My biggest issue is how can I trust this person’s interpretation of history. What I do like about this tab is it shows the discussion between two users discussing whether the change one of them made was needed on the page. A person is monitoring the page making sure that it has good flow and is accurate. This makes looking on Wikipedia less sketchy as a lot of people believes it is. Not that I would cite it in my bibliography. I mean I am trying to pass my classes. I do believe however that this makes the page as somewhat reliable in terms of the information. The terms of service affect the bias of historical narratives because Wikipedia makes sure that none of their articles are poorly written. They are committed to neutrality and free usage. While there is merit to what Wikipedia’s detractors convey; I do believe they miss the uses of Wikipedia. At the very least Wikipedia can lead a user to other websites that are reliable primary or secondary sources. That alone makes Wikipedia a useful academic source.

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