I did two graphs, first group was Thomas Edison, Princess Diana, and Alexander the Great. The timeline was from 1800-2000, as a result between 1800-1830’s Alexander was mentioned many times and after 1840’s he was less mentioned to even fade away. Thomas Edison starts about 1890’s, and keeps going up, around 1960’s-1970’s the slope decreases, but after the 1980’s he increases again. Princess Diana’s timeline starts from her marriage in the 1980’s. Somewhere in the slope she suddenly rises up which my guess is the birth of Prince William and Prince harry, and when she starts decreasing is after her divorce from Prince Charles, and we can see slightly before 2000 is when her slope jumps high thats around the time she was killed. The second graph is about Alexander Hamilton, Adolf Hitler, and Abraham Lincoln. The timeline is still 1800-2000. Beginning from the 1800 Alexander Hamilton’s graph is high and around the 1920’s is where he starts to increase but after the 1940’s his slope is slowly decreasing. Shortly before the 1860 Abraham Lincoln is slowly increasing and maybe right after the 60’s he rises so quick and by the 1870’s slowly starts to decrease, but theres is a constant change in his slope rising and declining but remaining in more that 0.000150% all the time. Adolf Hitler quickly rises in the 1930’s and is at the highest in the 1940’s which is during WWII, but around the 1950’s he suddenly decreases and stays in the same slope until 2000. If one doesn’t know history, by looking at these charts, wherever they was a sudden rise they can figure out that at that time line some important event had taken place,  and they should look into that date.img_3348 img_3349

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