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The difference between preserving, curating, and aggregating is: preserving makes sure that access of the data is maintained, curating is how the data is presented and structured, and aggregating data is the combination of the data. The challenge of preserving data is that most of it is ephemeral, and can only be maintained for so long. When curating data is difficult to keep up with new data. New data may change how the data organized. Aggregating data is that while combining data, some data can be left out that may be important.
The tension about digital archiving is not all about “old school vs. new school” it is certainly a part of it, but serious questions about the effectiveness of digital archiving must be answered. Question about how much access should be granted to users when it comes to intellectual property. It is similar to streaming free tv and not paying the company that provides the product. Other than the fact that most of those companies make a lot of money, and the professors owning intellectual property do not. Another tension is the internet itself can be ephemeral. It could happen, however unlikely, all of what is on the web could be lost in a second. People have their whole lives on the internet, and it could be gone forever. Something that is being done is that archives web pages from the past. It is no way a complete archive of the internet but it is a start.
How I would go about digitally archiving and document my family history would first scan and upload all of my family’s pictures. Second, a map of when and where my family came from on both sides of my family. I think I would share the good parts obviously, and some of the bad too. Only because the bad of family helped build character. Anything too heinous would certainly be kept out. There really isn’t much that I know. I would organize it backward. It would start with me and go backward in time. I would most likely write an essay that provides an overview. That way I could give context to my family’s history. It would also be a closed collection. It is mine if someone wants to add something they can ask me too. I would have autonomy on the page. The objects that I determined would have to contribute to my family history; there has to be some relevance.
The relevance of the material should come first. If it has only a little relevance wait to see if is needed. Also how well the material is preserved, curated, and aggregated should have a part in what is put on the page.


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