October 8, 2016

Our group (Jake, Golsa, Totianna, and Arwen) constructed an exhibit titled ‘The Original Everyday Surfers’. The exhibit included  a brief introductory webpage as well as gallery, narrative, and Malibu Beach web pages. […]

1. Digital humanities is has the simultaneous and competing desires to preserve, curating, and aggregate historical data. Preservation typically refers to the objective shared by curators and collectors of historical […]

The history and discussions tab-also known as the talk tab allow the reader see who edited or wrote that part of the page. The subject I looked at was World […]

The difference between preserving, curating, and aggregating is: preserving makes sure that access of the data is maintained, curating is how the data is presented and structured, and aggregating data […]


I did two graphs, first group was Thomas Edison, Princess Diana, and Alexander the Great. The timeline was from 1800-2000, as a result between 1800-1830’s Alexander was mentioned many times […]

When preserving a data its a material that is use-able all the time, however when a data is curated its stored in safety for future use if other sources get […]