The Black Hills Land Claim Debate

Black Hills Land Claim – Wikipedia Article


How does Wikipedia represent that past?

The Wikipedia entry for the Black Hills Land Claim presents a fairly objective summary of the debate, with emphasis on the political aspects of the ongoing conflict. It employs a fairly traditional model of organization as well, by first providing the basic history and background of the debate, and then progressing through the history in a timeline-like order. By providing the information in this easy to read and advance format, the contributors allow readers to view the article at a glance and gain a valuable summary of the topic.

How did contributors solve the major debate?

Because the issue is still ongoing, the contributors don’t entirely solve the debate of the Black Hills Land Claim, but they do however provide the necessary information and perspectives to allow readers to form their own opinions.

Does the narrative meet Wikipedias NPOV?

For the most part, the article meets Wikipedia’s NPOV and presents an unbiased summary of the Black Hills Land Claim debate. However, for the Contemporary Issues and Controversies section of the article, there seemed to be an unbalanced opinion present (seemingly in favor of the Lakota, and against the United States) and in need of editing. Perhaps the article would benefit from more perspectives of different Native American groups such as the Cheyenne, Arapahos, or Kiowas, and not solely the Lakota.

Is the article open for public edits?

Yes, the article is open for editing and every member of the group managed to make a minor edit, whether in grammar, sentence structure, or organization of content on the article page.

Is there value in Wikipedia?

Yes. Wikipedia articles provide basic summaries of topics that allow viewers to get the gist of a topic before digging into deeper research.


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