Israeli – Palestinian conflict

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for nearly a century now, only heated up about 70 years ago when jews were moving to Palestinian lands, buying their land and leave them out, neither are at fault here, Palestinians had this deals among themselves to sell their lands, and at one point selling their land with a cheaper price was a goal for them, but some were really kicked out without selling, Israeli’s are neither victims or at fault here, they just have better relations with higher powers in the world so they can force people to be called the victims. Wikipidia should be biased when in comes to telling the history of this conflict, however, when searching the conflict it is said that the Palestinian ruler of the time Amin al-hussyni, made a deal with hitler to kill the jews so they would not immigrate to Palestine. This is complete BS, Benyamin Netanyahu said this in one of his speeches in united nation last year, and that had the German government to protest against his speech and saying don’t wash away Hitlers crimes and pin them on your personal conflict with the Palestinians. This narrative does not meet the wikipedia’s NPOV. It’s open for edit, at 3:02 I edited the page, and now will wait and see how long it will last.

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