Controversial Wikipedia Article: Group (Lucas, Jonathan, Ryan)-Ryan Otis

Wikipedia article on the Death of Salvador Allende


  1. How does Wikipedia represent that past?
    1. It shows that there is a controversial and official account of the death of Chilean President Salvador Allende shortly before the overthrow of the government in 1973.
  2. How do Contributors solve the Major Debate?
    1. A forensic team in 2011 found that Allende had committed suicide. Yet, a year before, a 300 page report was found that he had been assassinated. The controversy thus is not over as of yet.
  3. Dees The narrative meet Wikipedia’s NPOV? why/why not?
    1. We would argue that for the most part that the article is as neutral as possible. The previous contributors do not take a side on whether one story of the controversial death is correct. Rather, they provide both sides as well as the evidence that is used to support both arguments.
  4. Is the article open for public edits?

Yes, the article is open for edits.

  1. Is there value in Wikipedia?
  1. Yes, because it offers encyclopedia-style information for free. The crowd-editing feature ensures that most articles will be fixed if vandalism or incorrect information is inputted. Users do not need to consult a physical encyclopedia or a disc encyclopedia because Wikipedia is open to the public.

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