Bombing Japan: Was This Necessary??-Totianna Steptoe

Based on my prior knowledge of the topic, the bombings of both Nagasaki and Hiroshima are and will remain as a historical controversial event. The question is whether or not major informative sites such as Wikipedia have provided a strictly unbiased approach towards the topic. After review it appears that Wikipedia has done its best to monitor and apply unbiased conclusions of the event at hand. Unfortunately, even though the article provides both sides of the argument, the event does seem to be written from the perspective of those who did and do not favor the bombings. Therefore, Wikipedia has not met the narrative of the their NPOV agreements. The good news is that this site does offer users a chance to edit the pages. Overall, there is value in Wikipedia whereas the site does allow users an introduction to the topic. Even though the articles are biased to an extent, they still provide counterarguments for a more well rounded piece. Evidence of relevance can be found in the sources, where this source does site well known historians and academics who have mastered in this emphasis. Hopefully one day this topic will find some resolve in the near future.


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