October 3, 2016

Assignment: Look at the History and Discussion tabs of your favorite history subject on Wikipedia. Is this work valuable or valid history, how does the crowdsourcing of history change its […]

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for nearly a century now, only heated up about 70 years ago when jews were moving to Palestinian lands, buying […]

Black Hills Land Claim – Wikipedia Article   How does Wikipedia represent that past? The Wikipedia entry for the Black Hills Land Claim presents a fairly objective summary of the […]

ARWEN, SID, MEGAN   How does Wikipedia represent that past? How did the contributors solve the major debate? Did the narrative meet wikipedia’s NOPV? Why? Why not? Is the article […]

Some of the information that I looked at really surprised me, like Jimmy Wales assertion that only 18% of contributors are anonymous and its ratings against other encyclopedias. There are […]

Ever since my freshman year of high school, I have loved Wikipedia to help with homework and projects. It has hundreds of thousands of pages with useful information that anyone […]

As a student, I have had countless history professors admonish me that, “Wikipedia is NOT a source!”  Until I began this class, I would have placed myself firmly in that […]