Week 6 Post – Wikipedia Response

After reading over the article Prof. Sean had put up on the syllabus, Article, and also investigating some of my favorite topics in history on Wikipedia, those being the Ancient Greek Era, Roman Rise, Three Kingdoms Era in China which also is sometimes called the Post-Rival Warlords era I determined that some of the information, if not the majority of the information put was fairly accurate. I feel as though Wikipedia can sometimes be a valid source of information as the article stated, scholars and people who specialize in the area being written about on Wikipedia often contribute to the post and make the webpage on Wikipedia a lot more accurate. However, I can see how Wikipedia could be seen as untrustworthy due to the fact that anyone can go in and alter and modify a posts information or the accuracy of the information available. Nevertheless, I feel that through proper management and a revising of Wikipedia’s terms and services to make it so only people online who have sufficient background in the area they wish to write about on can have access to and be able to alter and add information on Wikipedia’s webpages. This idea could be seen to what Youtube has recently done with their terms and services and how they have allowed anyone to demonetize videos based on being reliable.

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