September 2016

Week 5 -Ngram

  For my Ngram I looked up and researched the three words; Cannibal, Cannibalism, and Anthropophagy as I am doing a research paper on cannibalism for my history 301 class […]


For the three words, I chose from Greek Gods’ the names Zeus, Ares, and Poseidon. The outcome was what I expected, that Zeus was the most mentioned compared to the […]

The topics I did were Basketball, Soccer, and Hockey. Basketball appeared in books the most which are  not surprising considering the popularity of basketball. on the other hand, Soccer was […]

So this is our little mapping experiment. Its a timeline of Wars against Native American tribes during the 19th century. Check it out! This is the site for the group created storymapjs project “Expansion of Ancient Macedon Under Alexander the Great”, while it is in its unfinished state, it offers a visual […]

ngram 2

This ngram shows the frequency of the mention of the words Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Egypt Taking what I already know from another class about the decline and […]


This was one NGRAM i found interesting…the combination of the words “America” and “Individual”, with an obvious spike in the 40s (perhaps due to the rise in patriotism as a […]

As someone who’s always enjoyed the narrative aspect of history, perhaps owing to my love of literature, I’ve always had to imagine events, places, and the scale of historical movements. […]

Ngram Viewer-Ryan Otis

The Ngram Viewer allows the user to see how frequent a word pops up in Google’s digital archive of books. I typed in ‘Fascist’ and ‘Communist,’ finding that both words […]

My NGram When I started doing this Ngram exercise I was kinda just playing with it. The first word I used was poop, because of the children’s book Everyone Poops by Tarō Gomi thinking […]