Blog Log Week 5

A lot of the tools I’ve been using have been fairly straight forward, but I did have some trouble with the Fusion tables and couldn’t really figure it out. Besides that, they seemed like really useful tools. Aside from presenting a visual representation of a History, I also am excited to have something that will organize the histories I’m thinking about and see if there is a connection. I am working on a project on Japanese anime and I immediately thought about how a visualization of all the different histories ( like Feminist, Anime, government, and Narrative) and their timelines could really help me see connections between them. Aside from theĀ help organizing my work, I also think its interesting to show global trends in particular since you can easily move from location to location while still providing each location with a rich and layered History. I haven’t really played around much with the other map applications butĀ those seem the most useful to me rather then a timeline attached to a geographic place. Even then, It seems kinda weird if, for example, a city like New York had a history which didn’t really move much outside of New York, would the visualization still have the same effect? But I really do see the potential for some kind of phenomenon which moved from a subculture to popular culture, like Punk. Especial if along with a spacial and temporal connections, it made use of some of the social networking graphics we’ve seen.

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