Ngram Exercise

My NGram

When I started doing this Ngram exercise I was kinda just playing with it. The first word I used was poop, because of the children’s book Everyone Poops by Tarō Gomi thinking that there would be a more recent upswing in the usage, but I was pretty disappointed with the graph. From there I started thinking about all poop’s synonyms and found that they actually all had fairly unique mappings. I also tried some slang and non-standard english words (like boo boo, caca, and duece) but many of these turned up with very little results so I left in boo boo as a stand in for all of them. Waste in particular broke the graph and completely skewed the graph for the entire time setting, so I also got ride of it. I thought it was interesting to see words like crap start in the early 1900’s leading me to think its a more modern word, while feces had a very strange bubble from the early to mid 1900’s. One of the most interesting parts of the graph was the polarity of dung and shit. Dung was highly used in the early 1800’s and slowly declined. I really wondered about why this word would be used so much, especially since its usually a term more for animal waste.  Was it because in colonial literature there’s a lot of exploration and exoticism, were there a lot of books on animals or hunting, was racism part of it? This was in stark contrast to shit which really started in the 1960 and shot way up. And who used shit, or popularized it, was it part of surf culture? Lastly, when i started messing with the settings, one strange thing happened, stool stayed in almost the same spot in every graph. Stool was not the most highly used word, but its remarkable consistency really surprised me.

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