Assignment 2

One website I looked from Omeka was the “map scholar,” it was very interesting having all these maps ready in one website, you just need to search it, I mean if I would have paper to right about the geographic changes through history in a specific region I can easily find maps from different times, instead of googling and sometimes the results are not reliable.

A way word press or blogs that can be used for digital history is that every important event that takes place and it put up in a blog right away anyone can reach right that second, and if they have more information about what caused the event or what happened after not only updates the historic event, but later on with the videos and the updates from people who say were there leaves less doubt in the future about the accuracy of the information.

Well as I said I would use these websites to easily access the information I’m looking for, ex. the french revolution website gives various tabs to use, such as search engine, and exploring the important subjects of the revolution. And for blogging, well I’m not a blogger but 8 years ago when the green movement took place in Iran I was there, I was only 16 so my parents grounded me I couldn’t go out, but I had friends who did and they would call and tell me what happened so I would post a status on facebook, letting everyone know, and then I would head to the websites and see the blogs people would post, pictures, videos, I would use their sources and share them around. The green movement was killed very fast because we didn’t have the right leader and people were still afraid to make another revolution since the last one which was suppose to make us better now have us sinking in quick sand, but as much as media would say some stories that happened in the streets were a lie, and later in years to come they would lie about it in history books, we know we have archives, videos and pictures to prove them wrong.


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