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The most fascinating use of Omeka that I have reviewed so far is the Republic of Letters, which uses digital mapping and graphing to visualize the geographical, as well as para-professional flow of communication from Locke and other founding fathers. Digital mapping seems to be a very useful and innovative tool to conceptualize the dissemination of information and ideas during historical eras.  These tools could be used to further analyze historical inquiry and theory from a geographical perspective utilizing a visual aid. This is quite exciting and I would love to incorporate this into research papers as a means to support my thesis. I imagine using WordPress to discuss ideas and collaborate on projects, ultimately using it as a platform for the step-by-step development of Omeka-based projects.  We could essentially use WordPress as a forum to discuss technical errors and collaborate as to the best use of funds to develop the most comprehensive, visually-appealing website.

In assessment of the DH websites, I find the websites to have a clear and concise structure and organizational element (not surprising considering the skills we develop in the process of obtaining our degree). The graphical and chart elements seem to be oversimplified a bit, probably an educational tactic used to appeal to students and observers of lesser educational status. The archives and collections or pictures are well-developed and researched. The use of maps and flow charts is an excellent adaptation of our knowledge, but i feel that the use of Geographic Information Systems to enhance the statistical information and provide more precise locations and therefore more accurate maps could assist in sorting out some of the confusion associated with depicting so much data.  Hiring someone with these skills or developing them on our own would develop our acumen as historians as well, considering that we are considered with the objective truth and facts. Overall, excellent websites! I look forward to developing one on my own.

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