Digitally Mapping History

As someone who is interested in spatial history and cultural space, I found the various digital tools used for mapping history extremely beneficial to current historians and future historians. Google Maps proves beneficial to historians interested in mapping out historical events and locations. However, Google Maps is only the foundation for creating maps of history. Tools such as StoryMap, TimeMapper, and Timeline.JS are all open-source tools that prove themselves useful. However, after going through the tools and seeing how they functioned, it is clear that some prove to be more effective than others for certain projects. Timeline.JS is effective and easy to use for creating an interactive timeline, and StoryMap provides historians with an easy method of laying out a historical narrative onto an interactive map. Both these open-source tools provide two unique ways of mapping history, whether chronological or spatial. However, TimeMapper combines these two great features into one for any historian. It allows historians to visually map out events and provides historians with the ability to analysis historical events and their relation to each other, both in time and location. Simply looking over these different tools, my mind is already racing with ideas and potential uses for the different tools.

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