Assignment 8/24 Response

In response to the reading and videos from this weeks assignment, I felt that the video Information Revolution was the best depiction of the phenomenon that has been occurring over the past 25 years; the English Wikipedia alone has 609 million words nearly 50 times the next largest physical source of  English, the Encyclopedia. Obviously we are aware of the vast amount of information available on the world wide web. Nonetheless, these videos help me visualize the labor intensive process of digitizing and publishing this information on the web. As  history students, we have the responsibility, perhaps even a task, of disseminating historical information and capturing the interest of students and adults alike. While it may be convenient to pull from the archives amassed by other students and academics alike, it is also our responsibility to add to these databases as well. Now that I see the task ahead of us, I cant waste anymore time writing to you…….

Just kidding. Enjoy your weekend!

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