Week 1 blog post-Ryan Otis

It seems that digital history is a great way to spread access to history for more people. Yet, it seems that the issue of authenticity must be addressed before digital history can be a viable new mode for the past to be available to the masses. For example, the instance where someone took the real photo of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald and turned it into a fake picture of these real people playing musical instruments shows that anyone can manipulate and tamper with digital history, unless there are real controls put in place. It harkens back to when the Soviets removed Trotsky from there photographic records in an attempt to change history. If digital history allows this kind of manipulation of the past to easily take place, it cannot be taken seriously by academia. Rather, official sites or sources must be made identifiable to the public so that they have a way of knowing what is authentic history and what is fake. Is there a current way for digital history to show it is authentic but also be available to the public?

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