Omeka..look at her

The concept of Omeka seems a like a useful tool for those beginner users that are creating sites and would need a guide and sense of direction for creating an online digital collection. While visiting Omeka’s sites I particularly liked the Civil War section (Civil War Era NC). The a site felt generally straight forward, but could have used a few tweeks to the site, but that is just my preference, such as making all the categories a link to the subject.

Then, while comparing other sites to Omeka such as Map Scholar I did notice a few differences as making the website feel less user friendly and not having “glamour” to the sites, but for a site that would be used for academic purposes “glamour” is not really necessary. In fact, I felt that some times other than the Omeka site, other sites did not lose it’s face paint. While I can see how Map Scholar  and Omeka would be beneficial to learn to use if a historian, I  can see my use for Map Scholar coming into need to make a  map for an area post civil and show how a system of agriculture differed before and after Civil War (Sharecropping).

For the sites I did not feel impressed with (Emilie Davis, Emancipation Project, and Digital History), I would seriously work on the face paint of the site. Especially Digital History, the feels that it’s intended to be more like a dmv website than a site that I would want to explore to learn more. The site makes me want to run for the hills. I would love to improve the first impression of the site. Make it as appealing to the eye as much possible by adding non-dmv colors to the site.

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