Blog post #2 Omeka

Omeka is used in digital history or digital humanities as we discussed in class to demonstrate the rise of history and the humanities becoming more accessible on the web and allowing for easier access for other scholars and academics to view. Omeka helps make websites look interesting and brightens them with information and pictures and allows for programs and videos to be frequently integrated into the website or make information more interactive. This concept of making history and websites more interactive can be very good for young learners or even the college students of today. I personally enjoy hands on interactive quality online when I am looking at information rather than just a white page with large blocks of text. To make websites more interactive through Omeka allows for programs like we saw in class where an entire global map was able to show from data collected about slave trade from the “old world” to the “new world”. However as we look at some of these websites, taking the slave trade example again you could see some information was missing or to improve the website maybe add a way to slow down the ships traveling across the ocean or even reverse the ships so you are able to examine the information more closely.

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