week 2 pt. 2

If I understand the purpose of Omeka correctly, it gives academics a chance to launch a DH project and hosts the site?  I think this is a useful tool, not only for the person who wants to get their project to the most sets of eyes, but also for a researcher, who wants to see what work has been done thus far on a particular problem or question.  After reviewing some of the featured sites on Omeka’s roster, I found that not all sites were created equally.  Some, like, “Documenting the Gilded Age: New York City Exhibitions at the Turn of the 20th Century”, I found to be difficult to navigate, as this site in particular took me to many different pages depending on which item I wanted to see, and I found this to be complicated and needlessly time consuming.  Other sites, like, “HIV and AIDS, 30 Years Ago”, I found to be wonderfully accessible and easy to navigate.  The information was presented neatly and succinctly, and it was easy to jump from one category to the next.  All of the UI issues will be important to remember when it is time for me to do my own DH project.

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