post week 2

My own limitations in understanding all things “digital” were only enhanced and exacerbated after watching the Youtube video describing the infinite bits of information that we as a people now have access to.  I found my reaction being something akin to a “deer in headlights”.  However, after reading the Seefeldt and Thomas article, I began to see how an integrated approach to historical scholarship could be beneficial, especially to those who may not enjoy the endless hours in the library.  I happen to be a learner who usually needs a “visual” aid, and the interactive digital maps and animation of said maps could truly help a student of history, or even just a hobbyist, visualize the scale of events in a larger world context.  The notion that the infinite bits of data can quickly and effectively be combed, sorted, and categorized for analysis, is what I find to be the most encouraging aspect of the DH field.

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