Totianna Steptoe-Assignment #2

I’m not sure what we have reviewed in class due to my absence, but I do like the way Omeka allows you to click on one link, like a map or main heading, which transfers you to more detailed information on the source. I imagine using Omeka in the same way. When I put my information up on the internet, this outlet will all me to create an onion. What I mean is that, on the surface I can have the main points, but as you begin to peel back layers, you will unlock the details of the subject. This is perfect for Digital History since the goal is to get the information out of the library, or books, and up on line. In doing so, the webpage needs to be creative enough to allow the explorer to be fully committed to the experience. From then on they can get the opportunity to interact with the history instead of just reading about it. What I love about he websites, especially the Omeka ones is the way they branch out, as stated before. Unfortunately it does seem a bit over complicated, and at times just a bit too busy. I guess to make them better, it would be best to simplify. You don’t want the explorer to lose interest.

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