September 2016

I chose to analyze the Wikipedia page in reference to the French and Indian War. I wrote a research paper in methodology on this topic and feel that it is […]

A lot of the tools I’ve been using have been fairly straight forward, but I did have some trouble with the Fusion tables and couldn’t really figure it out. Besides […]

For my story map, I decided to map the travels of Marco Polo. Trying to find information about the route he took was surprisingly difficult. No one really had a specific […]

NGram Viewer: Curse Words

In looking into what type of words I should use in the NGram Viewer, I was at a loss. I had a variety of ideas of combinations to use but […]

Ngram Viewer - Urban Studies Terminology

For my first Ngram Viewer, I looked up the terms gentrification, slum, gentrification, and urban renewal. This chart shows a correlation between ghetto/slum with urban renewal following the mid-50’s. What […]