Blog log #2

Two or three things really struck me about the readings and material for this week. The idea that storage space will just continue to grow, the fact that DH is an evolving field, and that DH forces technology and the Humanities into a relationship. It was really apparent that this is such an emerging field when I begun reading and was only reinforced when I continued. From the beginning, there has been so much change that the DH projects from web 1.0 don’t really compare to newer projects, and I think its really cool how the scholarly aspect of DH has continued through all the changes. It really reinforces the ideas about democratizing scholarly information and making it more accessible and interesting to a general public. I think my favorite aspect of the readings was the idea that DH creates communication between the Humanities and technology. It creates a situation where Historians or other scholars are “aware of the technology’s advantages and disadvantages, and how to maximize the former while minimizing the latter,” from  I think this is great and shows that science is not the end all be all driving force of technology creating possibly avoiding all those apocalyptic scenarios. Along  with this the wiki page on DH seemed to describe a type of check for technology saying “the field both employs technology in the pursuit of humanities research and subjects technology to humanistic questioning and interrogation, often simultaneously,” giving me a funny while the abyss stares at you feeling.

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