More DH examples

Map of Contemporaries
Six Degrees of Francis Bacon
Conception Connection (This date in history around the time of your conception)
Histography (Timeline that pulls data from wikipedia and is self updating)
Historical Currency Convertor (What is something worth in today’s dollars)
History Pin
Map Fight (how do countries compare)
Baby Name Wizard (Popularity of Names across the 20th century)
Virtual Tours Smithsonian Natural History Museum
In Space We Trust (interactive timeline of space exploration)
Bomb Sight (Map of the German Blitz on the city of London)

These in addition to the sites in the syllabus and class presentation should give you a lot to think about. If you find anything interesting or know of any DH sites that we should look at post them here in comments or write your own blog post.

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  1. I found the Historiography and In Space We Trust the most user-friendly and visually appealing websites. As historians, we will be providing primary sources and analytical discussion rather than Wikipedia articles. However, I think being able to effectively balance historical analysis, streamlined UI, and overall design not only makes the site useful for research but also for educational purposes as the digital humanities advances.

    Some historical projects are a little more complicated to navigate for the average user; although, this is partially due to the age of some websites. Furthermore, I have always found current search methods sometimes intimidating. Being able to make democratize information also relies on the ability to make it navigational. More recent projects clearly display this transformation while still maintaining the analysis. This, I believe, is fundamental to keep in mind when the semester continues and begin work on our projects.


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