Hi everyone,

My name is Golsa, I’m iranian, born and raised in Iran – Tehran and moved here 6 years ago for university. Unlike all the Iranian students who would complain and make sure to tell everyone that leaving Iran was due to politics or something similar, I just flunked highschool and the entrance exam for university was so hard I just decided to come here and had a fresh start in Santa Monica College and actually studied for real and made sure I make good grades all the time. I’m a senior majoring in design, and I just find history interesting thats why I chose this class for my upper-division elective. To be honest I’m really lost about how this class is going to be, I just got to this site and read any post from August and came to the conclusion that I need to introduce my self in my first post. I love listening to music and driving in the night is one of my hobbies, helps me think better and get my mind straight about life.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m one of those people who write in my journal anytime I get a chance or feel frustrated, but I just don’t like to admit it publicly, so I can go on in this post for another thousand words, but I’ll just say goodbye for now.

Hope you all enjoyed your summer and good luck this semester.

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