Who is this Totianna Steptoe?

Hello All,

My name is Totianna Steptoe. At the strong age of twenty-seven, I have found myself in my last semester of undergrad as a History Major at CSULB. My emphasis is in US and World History. Last year I held office as the Secretary for the History Student Association. That is a club hear on campus comprised of mainly history students, although all are welcome. During my year in office we were able to hold many events both educational and recreational, all while growing our club from about five members to around fifty. So just let me know if you have any interests….I’ve got the hook up!

With this semester being my last semester in undergrad, I wanted to make sure that the courses I am taking will directly help me in my future dreams of becoming a high school teacher. Since I am applying for the teaching credential program, I thought that this was the perfect course! The way that the world is shifting, technology is at the front lines. If I am going to be successful with my students, it is best that I learn these computer skills in order to offer them the best education possible. Also, the hope is that this will make history even more accessible for them. The more you know, the more you grow!

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