Walter Cervantes

Hey everyone,

I’m a senior history major who transferred from Santa Monica College with the long term goal of becoming a history professor. While my preferred fields are United States and Latin America, I enjoy learning about all kinds of of history. Although I’m not the most tech-savvy guy around, I’m a quick learner and was instantly attracted to this history course.

I decided to take this class because of how important technology has become in education and within the professional world. Computers, phones/tablets, and the programs created for them are very important tools and can be incredibly efficient and helpful for academic research. Also, since this might be my last semester at CSULB, I figured I should take advantage of the course while still possible. Hopefully the tips and tools I learn to use in this course will help me out in my future career.

Outside of class I like binge watching Netflix/HBO, listening to music, playing basketball and going to concerts/sports games. That pretty much sums me up.

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