Sid Banach – Week 1 post

Hello everyone my name is Sidney Banach but everyone who knows me just calls me Sid. I am a transfer student all the way from sunny San Diego! This will be my first year at csulb and I am super stoked to be going here. I am a history major because I am a bit obsessed with mythology along with also having a deep fascination with Ancient Greco-Roman and Three Kingdoms Era China history. They peek my interest and I am not sure why!

I enrolled in this course because I thought it would be a unique experience learning about how technology and the internet interact with history. I also enrolled in this course because I was told during my SOAR orientation that this class was new and supposed to be a lot of fun by the head of the history department who came and talked to my group. I know pretty much nothing about computers except how to watch youtube and do the whole social media thing but otherwise that’s pretty much it. See you all in class!

Sid Banach

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