Arwen Maier

I am currently in my third semester at CSULB, with my eventual aims being, to finish my under-grad, get into a good graduate school, finish a Ph.D., and hopefully obtain a teaching position.  My focus is World History, with an emphasis in the Indian Ocean World, focusing primarily on the medieval period.  I’m fascinated how disparate cultures meet, connect, and fuse over a long period of time.

I took Professor Smith’s “History of Food” last semester and really enjoyed the challenge and the material.  I chose this course because, having read the literature put out by the American Historical Association, it seems that digital is the wave of historical scholarship.  I must confess, I’ve been pretty resistant to most tech thus far, but if this is where the field is headed, I had better figure out how to make the most use out of it, or risk becoming “obsolete”.

Personally, I like to do things that challenge me and make me feel “uncomfortable”, and joining the billions of people living life online definitely serves that purpose.  I’m looking forward to learning new ways to experience history.

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