Lisa Mendoza :)

Hi! I’m Lisa Mendoza. I just transferred from Long Beach City College. Which took me almost a zillion years, but I finally made it. While at LBCC I was an archaeology major and was so invested in my major that I joined the archaeology club and eventually became the president. However, I always enjoyed history and decided the best route for me was to become a history major.

I joined this course because of my interest in media in addition to history. In my last semester at LBCC I took a course in GIS (geographic information systems) and I found it useful for my future in history. Also, when I read the description of History 305 I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement that maybe this is why I chose history. I often get asked if with history I will become a teacher. Though, it’s not a bad idea and at times I do feel that I would enjoy it, I also feel that there’s a different route I should take and maybe that will include digital history.

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