Hey I’m Alan

Hi, my name Alan Williams, I am a first-year transfer student from Ramona, California. For those of you wondering where Ramona is, it is a small town in San Diego County. However, I tell most people I am from San Diego. Like most of you I am a History major, and I am a History major because I like History. While I understand the importance of money, I believe that it is more important to do something you love. I know that is sappy and corny, but I truly believe in that sentiment.

I am taking this class for many reasons. First, it worked with my schedule, if it didn’t I couldn’t┬áhave taken it. Second, it seemed like a class I would find interesting. Last, blogging and working on social media is one of the things I would potentially like to do after college. With that I leave you with a quote from Bill Hicks,”Hey, don’t worry; don’t be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.”

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